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Retin A cream is available in three different concentrations: 0,025%, 0,05% or 0,1%. There is also a form of the drug to which the molecules of TRANS-retinoic acid encapsulated in microspheres. This form is called "Retin-A Micro. Microencapsulation technology allows a gradual release of active ingredients that visibly reduce the side effects (dryness, redness, irritation of the skin).

Retin A: indications

My experience.
I must say that here you need patience and regularity. Some are not seeing the result of the throw in the fourth week. But to endure, if You value a perfect skin. This is not a temporary means, like antibiotic creams with or drying components. It is a medicine that rebuilds your skin completely. The skin will peel off like hell. It will leave flakes like after peeling with a high percentage of acids. My skin was peeling almost 5! weeks. Especially the area under the lips. Therefore in advance advise on the chin area under the lips — do not apply. Acne will be. I have about three weeks out in those places where it never had before. But they passed very quickly. Painful almost was not. This is called an exacerbation, when the acne and so You have got in any case, begin to appear, but are faster. Sometimes after washing, the skin was burning, especially when you wipe it with a towel. Think rubbing sandpaper. Cream works by exfoliation Principe. Only the constant exfoliation, daily, round the clock.

By the end of the fifth week I noticed that I don't have a single pimple! This has never happened before! I used to always, at least one little sheeny, but he was. And now none at all! Peeling has decreased, sometimes peel off the place under the lip, but less. And then by the end of the sixth week and there peeling stopped! That is, for six weeks the sebaceous glands rebuilt, the pores narrowed very much on his forehead. This was very noticeable! Finally I can walk without a Foundation and not to think, and how my skin looks. No redness, no rash. Very well decreased wrinkles on the forehead. Retinoids are used in America almost everywhere. They treat acne and wrinkles mostly. That is, imagine a tool that treats two skin disease — pimples and wrinkles! A tool can still be proud of it. I don't know with the same efficiency.

The method of application.

I must warn you though — once I started using the tretinoin immediately buy sunscreen. At least 30 spf, and better 50. Smeared with sunscreen even at home! The skin becomes very sensitive to ultraviolet light without protection can get out spots!

Cream with tretinoin should be applied once daily at night. Retinoids are very sensitive to ultraviolet light and are destroyed by the sun. That is, efficiency will be zero if the smear in the morning. So smear only at night. Need literally a pea, the cream is well distributed on the face. He's absolutely not fat, white, slightly pearlescent colour. Absorbed instantly. In this flow tube mass 20 g is enough for 2 months.


Tretinoin is a natural metabolite of retinol, which is normally present in plasma. Once inside the tretinoin is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Plasma concentration return to baseline endogenous level 7-12 h after administration of a single dose of 40 mg.

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The plasma protein binding is high. Not koumouliruet.

T1/2 of 0.7 h After ingestion of the labeled radioactivity tretinoin, about 60% is excreted in the urine and about 30% in the feces. Metabolites formed by oxidation and glucuronidation.